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It was only two months ago, that I submitted my one minute application video for the so-called Zeitgeist Young Minds Program of Google. Back then I applied because I thought it was a cool thing and because I was quite inspired by the promotion video (http://youtu.be/3K_9SrHIcQ0). Back then I didn’t know much about what I applied for. Back then I had absolutely no idea that I would get to meet people like war photographer Paul Conroy, previous Greeks Prime Minister George Papandreou or the United States 42nd President, Bill Clinton. The only thing I knew was, that I would get to fly to London with nine other young international entrepreneurs to meet the ‘world’s leading innovators and thinkers’ – but that can be anyone, anyway.

So what is Zeitgeist all about?

As the world’s third-largest company, Google hosts two Partner Forums every year, one in the U.S. and one in Europe.  They invite about 300 of their greatest business partners from around the world to join them for two days of sharing ideas, discussing global problems and meeting other people. What makes Zeitgeist (spirit of times) so unique is the simple fact that the event is attended by some of world’s most prestigious innovators and thinkers of the given days. During this year’s Zeitgeist event, speakers included well-known polar adventurer Sir Ranulph Fiennes, singer Annie Lennox and outstanding Egyptian citizens who were majorly involved in the country’s revolution. Google Zeitgeist is about captivating the spirit of times and bringing it together at one place for two days.

The Young Minds Program, in which I participated, has always been a core element of Zeitgeist events. It is about connecting young entrepreneurs with the world’s most successful business leaders, giving the young the opportunity to learn from the old – well, let’s say the experienced. My personal gain from attending this event was huge. Not only that the atmosphere and the other nine Young Minds were incredibly inspiring, we also got to spend some privileged sessions with British musician Akala who taught us all about language and good ways of communicating as well as Israeli investor Yossi Vardi who spoke about project funding.





Attending Google Zeitgeist 2012 (http://youtu.be/VeEnG-S3yjc) has definitely been my greatest experience of the given year and I would love to see some of you guys participating in Google Zeitgeist 2013. In my opinion the application process has been fairly easy, as it’s just about uploading a 60-seconds video that describes your activism. So if you’ve got a great project to share, don’t keep it for yourself. Apply for Zeitgeist 2013!

Keep checking www.zeitgeistyoungminds.com for the new application process to open.



Quick Info:

  • Date: 20-22 May 2012
  • Location: London

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