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South Africa is currently in the process of establishing new marine protected areas. These are of major importance for the protection of rare species such as certain sharks like the Sevegill shark, that have their habitat along the coast of South Africa.

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In order to bring about these marine protected areas, research teams are trying to find specific species of sharks in the designated areas in order to demonstrate the necessity for environmental protection. Explorer Mike Horn and a team of young adults from all around the world joined in October 2016 Sharkspotters South Africa on a shark tagging expedition.

Onboard Mike Horn’s sailing vessel Pangaea joining the expedition were our members Saskia Bauer, Christopher Barco and Leni Gruendl. In the following weeks they regularly gave updates through blog posts and facebook on the project and provide insights into the process of shark tagging, diving with sharks and social work in South Africa’s less privileged township areas.

Detailed information, pictures and blog posts can be found here http://www.mikehorn.com/shark-study/

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photos by Dmitry Sharomov