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What is Pangaea?

Pangaea is the name of the supercontinent that was formed 250 million years ago and fell apart 100 million years later. During those 100 million years, all landmass on earth joined together as one continent. Explorer Mike Horn chose the name Pangaea for his expedition as it represents ‘the untouched world as it once was’. Our NGO was formed after Mike Horn’s four year expedition ended and chose to keep the name “Pangaea” since it represents the interconnectedness of the world and that the environment knows no borders.

Who runs the Pangaea Project?

Our board members are based in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. They coordinate the projects, organize meetings, update the website, manage the finances and take care of legal matters. In addition we have a high number of international volunteers and members who organize their own projects and initiatives. Most of us are quite young, studying at university or in the first years of professional life.

Who is Mike Horn?

Mike Horn is a wold famous explorer and adventurer who fights for environmental awareness. He accomplished what many cannot even dream about: a circumnavigation of the equator without motorized modes of transportation, swimming the length of the Amazon and reaching the North Pole in the dark winter months to name a few. In 2008 he started the four-year long “Pangaea Expeditions” where he took youth from around the world to the most remote places to show them the beauty of the earth. Interested? Read more here.

What is the Pangaea Young Explorers Program?

The Program was called into life by Mike Horn and his team in order to create a global network of environmentally concerned and enthusiastic young people. With the program several meetings and projects have been organized and this association “Pangaea Project” developed out of this unique cluster of people.

Will there be more expeditions with Mike Horn?

This is a question we are asking ourselves as well. Offcially nothing is confirmed, however Mike is a busy personality full with ideas to realize. Thus we expect something to happen and until then we have to prove ourselves to make the world a slightly better place.

Why should I join Pangaea?

As a member of the Pangaea Project, you help to make our world a more livable place and discover not only unique places, but also yourself. Experience how kids learn to be fascinated by nature (e.g. at the ecocamps in Serbia and South Africa). Make unforgettable memories with a great team, e.g. on New Year’s. Realize the project you always wanted to do. Or join a project and learn about another place’s culture and environment. Meet new fascinating people and make friends all around the globe!

How can I join?

Joining is easy! You can sign up here to become a member of the Pangaea Project. With signing this form you will have a membership of both, the German and Swiss, associations. This makes administration easier.

How much does a membership cost?

We decided to ask for an annual membership fee of 20 Euros to be paid to the Pangaea Project bank account. Your contribution ensures that you sincerely support the association, its ideas, goals and projects. We work non-profit, all the staff works voluntarily and the money goes directly to project implementation.

Where does Pangaea Project get its funding from?

The association thanks its sponsors and supporters for financing many projects. Furthermore the German government makes available some money and benefits. Pangaea Projects works as a non-profit organization.

But I don’t live in Europe- can I still join?

Sure! There are many members living outside of Europe, stretching from Australia over China to the US. There might be someone near you! Though it would be more difficult to join reunions in Europe, we organize projects and meetings around the globe.

I am already running a project/ planning to do a project – Should I contact you?

Of course! We are always happy about new input and are willing to support environmental and social projects around the world. Please do not hesitate to contact and share your ideas.

When is the next project and/ or meeting?

Lately, we have reduced the amount of projects. However, we still regularly meet, mostly somewhere in the Alps. Ongoing projects take place in Germany and Switzerland. All members of course receive the invitations to reunions, project meetings and similar via email. For questions you can always contact board@pangaeaproject.org.

How can I support the Pangaea Project?

There are different ways to help the association. First there is to contact us and brainstorm about project ideas and action. Second, subscribe to our Newsletter to keep up to date about meetings, events, expeditions and projects. Third, there is the possibility to donate and/or sponsor the association. For more details please contact us.

How safe is my data?

Your personal information is only processed for the administration and not given to third parties. The rules are according to German privacy laws and data is not sold or used for commercial purposes. Read about it here.

I have another question that is not covered here

No problem. Please contact us and tell us what you want to know. Your feedback is appreciated.