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 The project participants to Peru experienced local culture, but also the pristine wildlife and finished with one great appreciation for the fragile ecosystems of the country

The main goal of this expedition was to promote the natural wonders of the bio-systems in Peru and discuss the importance of its conservation. So the idea was to explore areas of low tourism and infra-structure, where the population needs support for being able to preserve the pristine nature. Also we encouraged to think in new, more sustaiable, ways of practicing tourism and encouraging people to visit these more unique places instead of following the mass ways.

Therefore, the project took young explorers to a two weeks expedition through the unexplored Peruvian northern corridor where they could experience different alternatives of sustainable tourism. Their journey included whale-watching; Fishing activities along the Peruvian coast and observation of its impacts;

Whale-watching was as much a part of the project as exploring sustainable tourism

Social development in the Santa Catalina Community; a recycling project; Comparisons between the impacts of conventional tourism in a natural forest and a sustainable tourism in Corosha; Observations of the wildlife as a species indicator in their ecosystems; and a visit to a sustainable agriculture farm in Tarapoto.

The participants will not forget about the time they spent in and with the natural wonders of Peru. The rural population responded positively to the input and impact of interested youth and we are curious about the development of the region and its fauna and flora.

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