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Change brings opportunity”Nido Qubein


Last Friday two brave turtles, extracted from their tanks in the industrial area of Cairns were transported on a boat to their new homes. That is the lovely Fitzroy Island in tropical North Queensland.

The volunteers, help to transport two juv green turtles out to their temporary housing out on Fitzroy Island! With media channels and the public eye watching. On this same day a hawksbill turtle called Harry was released back into the wild after spending some months in the rehab centre.

In 2011 major natural disasters occurred along the Queensland Coast, such as; cyclones and floods. Consequently sea grass beds were ruined leaving hardly any food for the sea turtles to feed off. So far this year there has been no severe natural disaster, which has allowed the sea grass beds to re-generate. Many of the turtles brought into the rehab this year are based on more traditional injuries- irresponsible fishing practices.

The benefit of transferring the healthier turtles out to Fitzroy is the cleaner salt water in-take for the tanks. The interpretive centre which will be used as an educational centre to inform people about Cairns Turtle Rehab, what the organisation does and how you can get involved. The extension rehab and interpretive centre will be a unique tourist icon for Fitzroy Island, in hope that more people become conscious of their actions (ie. littering) and create awareness of the human impact on the Great Barrier Reef and its marine life

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