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Creating smiles is one of the most fulfilling feelings I experience in my daily life.
There are so many small things that are no effort at all for you but make other people happy.

Let’s go back to Port Elizabeth in South Africa were we could put this magical smile on the kids’ faces every single day.
Give them a hug and they will smile.
Play hide and seek with them and they will laugh.
Listen to them and they are happy.

It’s so easy and fulfilling – both parties will be happy afterwards because a smile is such an infectious facial expression that you can’t do anything else then join.

Although it’s more difficult to make people smile by small gestures if they have a more privileged life it’s not impossible and still an amazing thing. Write your friends a letter or card, surprise them with a bunch of flowers or just make an unexpected phone call and you’ll see that you always conjure a smile on their faces.

To take it a step further: If you’re happy yourself you can make others happy. And if everybody is happy there’s nobody to worry about. And if there’s nobody to worry about we can think about other problems and start tackling them.

So is happiness the key to a better world? A healthy planet Earth? Humane living conditions?

Let’s try it and start making a difference by spreading joy and making people smile!


Quick Info:

  • Date: July/August 2012
  • Location: Port Elizabeth, South Africa
  • YEPs involved: Rebecca Berker, Lani van Niekerk, Simon Straetker, Leni Gründl, Stefan Oosthuizen, Robyn Lighton, Theresa Kaiser, Livio Knöri, Constantin Vogt



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