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Our second week here in Uganda is over and with it also our project at the Kalungu Mixed Primary School.
After two weeks of painting the walls here and covering them with murals and maps, evening out the floor by filling all the holes with cement, reparing as many school benches as we could, giving a hygiene and health workshop,  implementing the sustainable soap producing project and our two electricans Livio and Hannes even managed to fix the solar light the school is now shining in bright colors.
After having spent two weeks there it was time to say goodbye and weebale [which means Thank you in Luganda]. Thank you for welcoming us with open arms and always cooking us a delicious lunch. 😉
After an early raise on Saturday morning we set off on our journey to Queen Elizabeth National Park, which is on the border to the Congo. ‘The elephants can cross the border without a passport and they often do so.’ is what our tour guide told us. 🙂
Our two days in this truly magnificent place were filled with many unique and unforgettable impressions like seeing a big herd of elephants walking along the rivershore, right next to some buffalos and hippos with a few small crocodiles dispersed in between as well. Especially our boat tour along the Kazinga Channel, which connects two big lakes couldn’t have been any better.
All in all together I am sure that all of us are looking forward to seeing more of this beautiful country.
This upcoming week we will now be working at the school of our hostdad Mathias who is a headmaster there. Our main goal will be to paint all the classrooms.
And on Friday we will start travelling…

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