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The kids learnt a lot about their environment and the value of nature.

Today marks another great day in the “friendly city”. We took more than 60 grade six kids to the Cape Recife National Park. Here the kids were taken on a guided tour of the shoreline. They engaged in an educational lesson about the rocky shores. Here they learned more about all kinds of sea creatures, including crabs, sea sponges, limpets, abalone and many others. The kids took part in a “pick & match” game to find and classify the animals they found on the beach. The low tide made it possible for the kids to explore the numerous rock pools where life was abundant. The rangers taught the kids the value of nature and wildlife and the importance of looking after it to ensure a better life for all. The trip was ended off with a nice walk along the beach right up to a big lighthouse whereafter the kids had lunch.

The school staff then treated us to a wonderful traditional Cape Malay curry meal. It was simply delicious! Conny just could not have enough!

The rest of the day was spent finishing up on the painting we started yesterday. We were accompanied by a bunch of children who showed off their painting skills.

We’re looking forward to two more days at Fontein Primary school!

De Wet, Constantin and Lani

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