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Every year apprentices of Geberit and Pangaea members work together in order to bring important sanitary installations to structurally weak areas

The partnership with the Swiss company Geberit developed togeth with the Mike Horn Pangaea program. Every year one project in an underdeveloped region is supported financially as well as with expertise; and Pangaea and apprentices get together to work jointly for a common goal: increase the quality of life for an underprivileged community.

Pangaea and Geberit have shown great commitment and could realize jointly their ideas. In 2011 the collaboration was launched and a school in Kraljevo, Serbia received new sanitary systems and workshops in sustainability. The following year the team moved on to Port Elizabeth in South Africa and established there up-to date toilets and bathrooms. In 2013 the Geberit apprentices and Pangaea youth went to Romania’s capital Bucharest to not only renovate yet again sanitary installations, but also bond with local children and eachother.

We are excited for the upcoming projects!