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Shaya Laughlin at Powershift

From the 15th to the 17th of October, Australian Youth Climate Coalition presented their amazing youth climate summit Power Shift! 1000 young people from all over Australia converged the state capital for the first youth summit on climate change in the city’s history.

Over three days participants heard from experts on climate science, solutions and policy, and take part in training from some of Australia’s leading campaigners and inspiring environmentalists. There was also a concert, a media stunt (huge flashmob that got a lot of media coverage) and plenty of opportunities to meet other Power Shifters from around the country.

During this conference/workshop/festival young adults were inspired by hundreds of young Australians who all made the effort to attend Power Shift in order to find solutions for the climate crisis we are facing.

I made so many great friends and learned so much on what it takes to be an activist. It was awesome to share ideas on actions to take for the planet. I also took the opportunity to promote Saraya D’Ath’s Save the Sea Turtle Project by wearing a very cool t-shirt over the course of the three days. A lot of people asked about the shirt therefore creating discussions about threats that sea turtles face and Saraya’s team effort in protecting them and their environment.

Power Shift 2011 was the moment when our generation came together, and started the transformation we need to become a nation powered by renewable energy. Together we engaged with the solutions, made our voice heard, and launched a campaign to transform the country.

These 3 days changed the life of the 1000 young participants including mine.

Quick Info:

  • Location: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
  • Date: 15/10/2011
  • YEP’s involved: Shaya Laughlin, Saraya D’Ath 

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