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Inspired by several former events we decided that it would be amazing to get together an outstanding group of motivated people. So while being cut off of electricity, power and water in midst Tanzania, I was trying to organise a fun event of discussions, sports and outdoor activities in the heart of Switzerland’s Alps. From an Tanzanian point of view the place Reusch, is extremely well connected, but being spoilt with splendid public transportation I did get a couple of comments, of it being quite remote and difficult to reach. Once we reached Reusch, a place lost in the forest with a gorgeous view of the mountain and a gently (but freaking ice cold) river, everybody immediately realised that the journey was worthwhile yet alone to visit the campsite.

But back to the planning and ideas: I realised that it would be really nice to have some time in sharing thoughts and ideas and also reflecting a little more about the present, past and having time to discuss these issues. We must have time to run up mountains, but also have enough time to talk.

We were far away from luxury camping but I realised that it’s important to have some essentials. Like a table, some tarps, blanket’s (to sit around the campfire) and of course some good food (meaning more than tomato pasta, we had delicious meals from pumpkin, dhal + salads) One really felt the difference.

Although I was organising the majority of things, I wanted us as group to take decisions and not me as an individual deciding. Reflecting on this topic it worked out quite well. Although towards the end (during party preparation) there were many topics to decide on, there I just realised it is difficult to please everybody and it takes loads of energy to discuss every small issue.

Enough blabla! So what were we up to? The first day we were busy setting up camp, collecting firewood and catching up with each other! So good to see good old friends; it feels more like a family 😀

The second day we started with a light hike to “Arnesee”, which of course turned out to be a long strenuous one, going swimming in two lovely lakes. It was also really nice to visit a local mountain farmer and taste his delicious cheese. (We also bought a lovely piece of his cheese for the following breakfast, which curiously vanished at our camp. 3 days later we found the thieve – a cheeky fox)

The 3rd day started with a splendid stretching, mountain run followed by great discussions on self-reflection, which carried on the entire day!

It was also important to spend a whole day discussing various topics such as sustainable lifestyle choices.

On the 4th day we set of to the “Sanetsch” valley for hiking, swimming, talks and a great night under the stars. It was great all of us squashed under a tarp. I loved it.

On day 5 we enjoyed a marvellous sunrise while hiking and across beautifully carved rocks by the retrieving glacier. Crazy to see how strongly the “Tsanfleuron” glacier has retrieved in the last 200 years, all of this due to our overexploiting lifestyles. With spectacular views we enjoyed morning breakfast, the view from “Oldenhorn” and our time on the glacier.

The 6th day was our preparation day for our BBQ for the last evening. It was great team work; everybody helped wherever possible, making delicious salads, collecting firewood. Preparing the tarps for the big rain which came in the evening. The evening was highly successful. Roswitha, Martin and Mike joined us. It was simply amazing everybody sitting around the campfire and creating these beautiful memories to look back to.

My highlights:

-Swimming with 15 YEPs in this freezing lake and everybody acted as just as if is was warm and normal 😛

-The group talks and reflections about personal experiences, learning from each other.

-Seeing how the bond between us grew, great teamwork happened.

-Seeing how this great environment helped to people break their everyday rhythm, being themselves and flourishing.

-Morning runs

-Having a great BBQ celebration and gathering around the campfire.

-Realising the most important point is to have good people around you.

-Delicious food, stunning cooks

-Hearing lovely songs played the guitar played

Thanks for all the guys helping making it happen!

We are thinking of a next get-together from the 26th Dec until the 1st of Jan, doing ski touring if the snow conditions allow. If you have any ideas let me know.

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  • Amin Shah

    says on:
    15/06/2018 at 01:57

    Dear Mike!
    All events are interesting and exciting. It is a great job with young team. I m optomestic to have such program for young child of Pakistanis to aware about importance of nature and environment.

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