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So today was THE day. Since we’ve constantly been talking about the Raid, and of course whenever we did, we were always picturing the legendary Raid in the Swiss Alps in our head, now being on the other side and actually leading a group was something completely different.
What I can say is that it was very interesting to see how a group can develop and how slowly but steadily, speaking for my group, they built up a team spirit and started to realize that it is not about winning but it is about sticking as a team, supporting each other and that they’re always as fast as the weakest one. It was amazing to see that once they started realizing that, they progressed so much faster and they were having so much more fun. We sang along the way and I got some really good Serbian lessons.

NEUMORAN!!! (=tireless) This day was the most interesting one until now. (Nevena Nisevic)

The famous Raid finally started and sadly ended. It was chellenging yet fun. (Sonja Vukasinovic)

The name of the first team was “Crazy Serbian” and of the secon team “Eco Kids”. (Jovan Virijevic)

The first clue we found easily but then we had troubles with the other ones. On the way to the second I fell in the mud. The third clue was the hardest to find. We didn’t win but we worked as a team and we got the prize. I’m proud of my team. (Isidora Radovanovic)

We worked as a team, we sang, we had an injured member so we had to carry her. The best part (: We woooon!!! (Jelena Milivojevic)

At the end we found the treasure in an empty house and it was bracelets. Marjan Brkovic I would like to repeat this adventure. (Nevena Nisevic)

Afterwards we went to the lake. There we had a wonderful time playing volleyball, swimming and sitting by the fire. (Danica Babic)

Then we had a lovely swim and barbecue. (Jelena Milivojevic)

The most beautiful part was when we were next to fire. (Nevena Vuksanovic)

Our Eco Camp is getting more and more exciting every day! This day couldn’t be better. I’m never gonna forget it! (Danica Babic)

I will always remember this day! ALWAYS! (Jelena Milivojevic)

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