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“Colors can make a big difference in our world.”

There is no better feeling than seeing that all your hard work finally pays off. When I arrived at Fontein Combined School two months ago I was shocked to see all the plastic and papers lying around where the students grow up and play. Within the three weeks I tried my best to teach them about the need of recycling and with the help of the entire school-body we managed to clean the school yard up. Knowing how much effort it took us but also of how many trash a school produces it made my day coming back to a perfectly clean school, seeing that they are making good use of the bins we introduced and cleaning the school up daily.

Today I got invited to join the sixth graders doing their term in cleaning up the yard after break, but the job was quickly done: 54 hands walking busy around can achieve a lot in a short amount of time especially if there is nothing much to do! The atmosphere was nice, the students were singing and laughing, not seeing it as a penalty duty but as a good reason to go outside and do something good for the school!

Apart from that our team continued painting the school buildings and giving the netball field a new coat which was more than needed. It´s amazing what a big difference a bit of colorful paint on the walls can make! 😉

written by Rebecca Berker

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