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Today poverty poses the most important development challenge in developing countries like Pakistan.

That we are facing the problem of poverty mostly arises from illiteracy, child abuse, unemployment, human trafficking, and others. The pragmatic reality is that the poor lack choice and control over the resources and rights to influence their future because they are powerless. But there are some institutes, foundations, trusts and NGOs that are working to fight for their rights. “One World Welfare Organization” is one of those working for the betterment and welfare of the society regardless of race, religion, caste or creed.


One World Welfare Organization” is an autonomous not-for-profit, non-governmental, non political and non-religious organization committed to empowering women and educating poor street children in the rural and neglected areas of Lahore, Districts of Punjab – to serve mankind irrespective of sex, caste and creed, race or religion. “One World Welfare Organization” was established in 2007 by business professional Mrs. N.K. Gill for the purpose of eradicating poverty and illiteracy. The targeted population is street children, beggars, shoe polishers, children collecting garbage, children from broken families, neglected children, youth and women.

One World Welfare Organization” is actively working toward improving and uplifting the people’s quality of life by developing a support mechanism that can ensure the provision of social guidance to the communities at a more approachable level. The organization is represented by people who are committed to social and economic changes for the poor. We believe that strengthening and empowering the poor, especially women, is critical to alleviating poverty and illiteracy because poverty and powerlessness are almost synonymous.

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One World Welfare Organization” has a mandate to bring lasting improvements in the quality of life for marginalized communities, especially women and children, through increasing access to services for health and care, community empowerment, focus interventions in women and children rights, education opportunities, hygiene and health education and responding appropriately in times of emergencies. It focuses on increasing help to marginalized communities in order to achieve sustainable livelihood and to strive to eliminate poverty in arid zones of Lahore, Punjab.


One World Welfare Organization” has taken the challenge to play a proactive role in initiating the supplementing efforts for the eradication of poverty and illiteracy by increasing livelihood options of people, especially women and youth, by providing them small technical and vocational trainings like handicrafts, culinary arts, tailoring, computer and English courses, beautician courses and different diploma courses. The organization has been running a high school and organized different sports and cultural activities throughout the year. “One World Welfare Organization” organized different health seminars and workshops twice in a month. It also organized free medical camps.

So, right now we need you to come forward and become a part of our projects. Send us your ideas, views and thoughts about what else we can do. Engaged and proactive citizens like us improve peoples’ lifes and change the world in small steps.

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