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written by Simon Straetker

It’s good to be back! Not even a year ago that we left Serbia after an incredible Geberit-Pangaea School Project in two primary schools in Kraljevo in 2011. Last year our main intentions were to follow up on Geberit’s sanitation, educating the kids about water, sanitation and environmental issues. Not only the country, the people and the culture left a lasting impact on us Young Explorers but most of all the enthusiastic kids with whom we did clean ups and made posters motivated us to come back.

Well now we are, filled with world-changing energy and 4 new members to our team. Leni Gründl, Rebecca Berker, Dmitry Sharomov and Vladimir Siljkovic were fascinated by the last year’s project and decided to join us. Today, being our first day in Kraljevo it could not have been any more successful! Intending to socialize with everyone we haven’t seen a while, the schedule for today wasn’t too busy. However the fascination about our ‘come-back’ quickly circulated among the students and within less than an hour we found ourselves in classrooms, interacting with the kids and discussing the recycling system that we introduced last year. As the kids were really excited to see us and also wanted to hear about our latest projects, we ended up visiting more than 9 classes and speaking to more than 200 students. The energy among the kids was once again incredible and as I said before: ‘It’s good to be back!’

Stay tuned for the next day’s updates, tomorrow 130 kids will join us for another great clean-up.

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