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Dear Young Explorers

I am writing this blog to see how much interest there is in establishing an International Adventure Racing team. After seeing the amount of people ready to race in Abu Dhabi the idea came into my head that we, as Young Explorers, should race in the colours of Mike and the Program.

We are trying to spread a message, and when even the people that appreciate nature and their surroundings start to destroy its beauty when in “race mode”, we can start to realise that we need to dig even deeper into spreading the right message. If we are present at the majority of outdoor adventure sports races representing the Mike Horn Young Explorers Team we are more than likely to be asked what we are doing, and why we are doing it, giving us the perfect platform to spreading the message to the right people.


This team will be participating in events all across the world, making it the sports team with the largest global footprint. We will be lending exposure to the Program on almost all of the continents, to the people who might join our cause because they are already involved in appreciating their surroundings.

So here is the just of it. To join the team, you must register online (any volunteers to administer the website), then either order your Team kit or race in some of the sponsored merchandise from Mike and start to register under the team name not your own. As soon as you have completed your first race (any discipline)post a picture of you at the finish line and tag it on the map.

Now why is this on the blog and not on the page? I need to see who would be interested in joining the team, and who would be able to buy some merchandise. Send me an email if you are interested to reghardtpretoriusza@gmail.com

Cheers Reghardt

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