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Our beloved friend Constantin Vogt passed away in an avalanche accident near Lauenen in Switzerland in late February 2018.

It is incredibly hard to believe. Conny was an outstanding personality, mountain lover and a truly big inspiration for all of us. He was someone who did not just love the mountains, in a way he embodied them and continously pushed his potentials with them. He acted for his passions, be it running up the highest peaks of the globe’s mountain ranges or passing the entire Pyrenees. For our organisation he managed many projects, participated in many events and activities and importantly acted as treasurer of Pangaea Project.
It is beyond words and tragic that he has lost his life at such a young age. He was surely someone who truly lived the YEP spirit every single day of his life. He was always out, doing what he loved the most!
We will miss you!
– The Pangaea Project

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