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Feeling the first sunrays of the day in your face, having burning legs, moving up a narrow crack and coming out on an exposed platform with superb views on a sunny day. Feeling tied, but happy about the success of finishing the aim of running 115km …

Getting out into nature gives something to me which I just feel if I am outside, exploring the surrounding and discovering new trails and look-outs.

Your next weekend is free? Get out!

Start packing, you don’t need more than some warm clothes, some food, some drinks, a sleeping bag and some first aid.

In March I also packed this and a little action cam and made my way to the train station.

You wonder what happend?

The train left at 5am … getting to the next piece of nature, forest, hills …

For sunrise I have been up running. The day greeted me with great weather and I enjoyed running over a signed hiking trail. Seeing great gorges, rock cracks and nice forest. Passing a gurgling creek and reaching wonderful look-outs for a break in the sun.

The day greeted me with great weather and I enjoyed running.

Many nuts on the way and enough drinking makes it possible to run and keep running for hours. I walk steep trails uphill, to save the needed energy for the last hours of the day – till the twilight comes.

Then the search for a nice shelter for the night can start. If it is a little hut, the next cave or a big tree – doesn’t matter for one night.

If you chose a wooden bench as a bed you will be more than happy to get up at 5am in the darkness to catch the sunrise on the summit of the next mountain.

I love the moment, standing on top of a mountain and seeing the world awaking underneath. The first sunrays of the day in my face, they motivate me, they make me ready for another unforgettable day in our wonderful nature. They also make me forget the uncomfortable bed in the night 😀

Get out, and start running/biking/skiing/skating/kayaking/…

  … BUT get out and START.

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