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21 July, 2017
Camping Vorauen, Switzerland, Join us

Join us:


21.07.2017 – 25.07.2017


We will camp on an wonderful camping place on the Klöntalersee surrounded by mountains. There are no official reserved camp sites like on a usual camping. Everyone can just stay and set up camp on the whole area where ever he likes. The owner of the camp site is informed about us and promised that we will find some space 🙂

How to get there:

Vorauen is easy accessible and can be reached in just 1.5h from Zürich either by car or by train(just look for “Klöntal, Vorauen”). In the google sheet you can now find a section about the arrival and departure time. If you come by car check if you can take someone with you or you can drive with someone else.


What to bring:

I prepared a document were we can brainstorm what to bring. Please feel welcome to comment and add more to the list!


Nature, fun, hiking, mountains, camping, campfire, discussions, open platform, presentations, good talks, swimming in the lake….



You are welcome to bring any like minded people along!

Everyone is responsible for himself and we expect that you can organise yourself! Not every detail of this event will be planned so there is some space for your planning and improvisation-

-Livio Knöri