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Day two of the Eco Camp was fully packed with different activities. Starting with a morning exercise, then followed by a hike to a local farm up in the mountains, then walking to the lake and spending the afternoon there before we headed back to our guest houses. It seems like they’re all enjoying it as much as we do. And it’s great to see how much closer the group has already gotten in the past 24hours.

The second day of our Eco Camp was not less interesting than the first one. (Branislava Lesevic)

We were extremely active all day: we started with the morning exercise. Then we went on a long hike and visited a local farm. The hosts were really kind, they showed is the whole farm and brought us a homemade cheese pie and sour milk. We were so hungry, so the pie disappeared in several seconds. It was interesting to see how these people live here on the mountain. And they were happy to share it with us. ‘The highlight’ of the day was definitely swimming in the lake. (Danica Babic)

After eating like pigs we enjoyed the natural beauty. Today we walked 18km to the lake but it was all much easier with laughing, joking, talking and smiling with friends. (Sonja Vukasinovic)

The way was long. We saw a lot of snails, flowers and took amazing photos. I was very exciting because we have a photo competition. Everybody tried and is still trying to take the best photo. (Branislava Lesevic)

The most interesting part of the day was swimming in the lake. First no one wanted to get into the lake because the water was cold. But in the end all of us got in the water and we swam together. It was very funny and I want to do this again. (Nevena Nisevic)

Even though it was soooo cold when we came out of the water, it was a great experience. (Branislava Lesevic)

At night we played some games and had a good time. (Jovan Virijevic)

This day was exhausting, we’re sooooo tired, but you can’t say it was boring. (Jelena Miljoveic)

Before the camp I was excited too. But I couldn’t imagine that we’re going to have this much fun. Now I’m still so excited and I’m really looking forward to the next day. (Danica Babic)

Second day was the best day of my life. (Jovan Virijevic)

Wow, this day was amazing! (Katarina Milenkovic)

I can’t wait for tomorrow. (Branislava Lesevic)

Pangaea team is the best team of the world! (Katarina Pesovic)

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