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After this exciting week full of painting and excursions we organized the new jerseys and rain jackets today. It will be handed over by Geberit, who sponsored it, in July once the new term has started.

We are looking back at a successful week. We took a final look at the premises today, and we are happy to report that the bathrooms still looks spotless, the walls are in a good condition and the garden is still being taken care of. It was heart warming to see that the things we implemented in 2012 were looked after and had a sustainable impact. We also took some time to talk to the teachers at the school.  We are really glad to hear that the general behaviour of the school kids improved after our project in 2012 and that kids are more careful and less destructive. Hearing this from many teachers was helpful and motivated us to keep up the work at this school. It made us realize that the work we put into the school really has meaning in the lives of the children of Galvandale.

The school staff helped to make our tasks a lot easier with their help and their wonderful hospitality. We thank all our sponsors for their generous donations to make this project possible. Especially to Geberit who will distribute the new, donated school uniforms at the beginning of the next term.

Even though it was only a week long, this follow-up project was really fulfilling for us. We achieved our goals and were pleasantly surprised by the outcome of our work. It was quite bittersweet leaving the school today, leaving our friends behind, but knowing that they can and will continue to work together to build a better life.

Constantin, De Wet and Lani

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