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During the month of September I worked on a campaign, as one of Sicigia´s projects, to raise used primary and secondary textbooks to donate to three schools in poor regions in the province of Buenos Aires.  The idea behind the project was to grant people the means to donate and recycle their used textbooks whilst at the same time giving these books to school children living in these regions, which would usually be unaffordable for them.

The month of September seemed a good opportunity for this campaign since both Teacher´s day and student´s day fell in this month, therefore drawing people´s attention more easily towards education and giving it more publicity.

With the help of friends, we made banners and set collecting points at our high school, local shops and even at Sicigia´s monthly clean-ups by the river.  By the end of the month we arranged and organized all the books, reaching over 200!

I am very happy with the positive and helpful attitude of the people who participated and I am very eager to receive feedback from the schools…

Quick Info:

  • Date: 30/09/2011
  • Locations: Buenos Aires, Argentina (34°50′S, 58°43′W)
  • Other YEPs involved: YEPs from Sicigia

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