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Giving something to someone who really needs it is the best thing in the world. “Giving is receiving and receiving is giving. That’s really the secret that lies behind living.”

All of us here in Port Elizabeth have felt that feeling during the last two days at Fontein Combined School.

One of my favourite experiences was going to people in the townships and giving them blankets, cutlery, bed linen and pillowcases. We went right to the top of the hill where rickety shanties sprouted up from the bare ground. Large stones rested on the corrugated iron roofs in order to hold them down in the gale force winds that frequent this area. Gingerly we entered some of the shacks – they seldom had more than two small rooms and had to accommodate up to eight people. I have no idea where they all sleep at night.

We met many parents of kids who attend Fontein – they were very thankful for the blankets and things we offered them. Knowing that you made a difference in the lives of one family is a wonderful feeling.

We continued our work at the school where we distributed cups to each child. These will be used to drink clean water from the newly installed taps. This will not only contribute to better health, but it will also save the school a lot of water. Every class now has a water supply where the kids can drink from during the day.

Today the workers started with the boxing of the sanitation facilities. The floors and walls are now tiled and look lovely and new! Once this is done we can start installing the toilet bowls, basins and urinals. Soon the school will be equipped with brand new bathrooms!

 written by Lani van Niekerk

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