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The 11th Selection Camp for the Amazon candidates took place a few weeks ago. Here are some personal experiences and statements by some of the new Young Explorers:

Shruthi: The Selection Camp was an experience of a lifetime. I pushed myself beyond what I previously thought I was capable of and had such a blast! Sledding, ice climbing, snow fights and hiking over a glacier with 17 other incredible young people- experiences I will never forget!

Lani: The 11th Pangaea Selection camp was an unforgettable experience. This wonderful groups of young adults from all across the world tackled (and conquered) so many challenges like a 3000m glacier, the famous Raid and various team-building exercises. I have made many new friends and I have learnt so much about myself. This camp was an eye-opener, a life-changing event and I had the time of my life! Snow-fights, laughing constantly, great food, endless video-making (especially by Bobby), frost nip, bum sledding and having fun were some of the highlights. I am extremely thankful for this opportunity and for the effort that the Mike Horn team has put in to make this camp as fun and successful as it was!

Bobby: I cannot thank Mike Horn enough. He worked his entire life so that 18 Young Explorers from around the world, who all have common goals, passions, explorer’s hearts, and desires to respect and take-care-of our world, could connect and ACT as ambassadors for the world, not individually, but in a force that overcomes each one of us greatly…a TEAM!! WE ARE THE FUTURE, and for the first time, I am proud of that!

Louise: I learned Amazing things from amazing people, I’ll never forget a word I heard

Anna: Those 10 days with incredible people from completely different backgrounds thaught me probably more that past 3 years of school! One of the many things I learnt is that a morning exercise combined with team-building activites is the best way to start a day!

Tim: As I arrived in Switzerland with dreams of exploring the Amazon Rainforest, I never imagined that the Selection Camp in itself would be one of the most life-changing, memorable, and truly enjoyable experiences of my life.

Alizée: All these incredible experiences are only the start of the greatest and most wonderful adventure that will soon take place in the Amazon.

Sarah: I’ve never done so much sports in 10 days like at the Selection Camp. I didn’t even know I would be able to do so much sports. But that’s what the Camp taught me: You can always do more than what you believe! It was an unforgettable time!

Stéphane: The camp taught me that the mind consistently tricks me into believing that I can’t; now I push beyond my limits with a positive attitude.

Reghardt: Selection camp taught me that snow is cold, that there won’t be any snow left if we don’t do something about it now and that there are awesome people doing something about it.

Tom: Our worlds environment is continuing to diminish, as individuals it is a lot harder to protect our planet. The camp has taught me that if we pull together as a team and give team efforts towards preserving our planet, anything is possible.

Alex: Frostbite, bloody fingers, bruised gums and the best 2 weeks of my life! The selection camp was awesome, the people we met were incredible and whether or not we will go on the expedition, we all joined the YEP family. We all departed tire, sore and the best of friends. I speak on behalf of the whole Amazon selection camp in saying it was the best experience of our lives!

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