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It’s already a month ago that the final selection camp for Africa took place.
A little bit late but better late than never – here are the highlights of the camp experienced by the participating Young Explorers!


The selection camp was a really great experience. We did so many different things. It was very intensive and we had no wasted time. Also the quality of what was offered to us was amazing: so professional and touching so many different subject as ecologic motor working with hydrogen,water sanitation,photography,body physiology, mind preparation, sharks, sports…. We had explanation from scientist coming from mayo clinic, Mercedes, university of Munich… and all this just for us 16! Amazing!
They was always such a nice atmosphere in the camp that at the end we all wished to stay there forever.
During this camp I have met s
o many nice and very interesting people. It is really opening the mind and giving hope for the future. The group of young explorers were all nice and it is amazing to see what some of them have already done. We all get along very well and I will stay in contact with all of them.
My favorite moment was the raid we did the last two days. I loved the team work, being in the nature, and the feeling that I could give my best physically.
What a great moment this camp !


I haven’t got the proper words to thank Mike Horn and his team for this incredible project, but I’ve got strong motivation and lots of brainstorms right now to ACT!
Pangaea camp is the place where I met different people from all over the world but with the same idea in mind which united us in one big family.


The final selection camp was such an honor to attend. I have never met a more amazing group of people. the love, passion, and enthusiasm for each other and the environment was palatable in Château d’Oex. It was a chance of a life time, and i will never take the lessons I learned there for granted.


The most awesome and challenging days of my life ! A unique experience with unique people from all over the world  The hardest challenge for me was to catch up the 2h time delay Team Panterra had on the raid !


The 12th Selection Camp was truly an experience like no other! The 10 days were filled with so many exciting activities and of course, very much love! However, time flies really fast, and we surely felt like the 10 days are not enough for us! I am already missing everybody right now! I will never forget all of the faces that I’ve met, new friends I’ve made, things I’ve learned and done, oh, and the foods definitely! Haha! And who knew we’d be lucky enough to get a shot to meet with Mike Horn in person during our last hours at the Selection Camp! Hey, I love this guy you know?! So it was indeed a great deal to me and the rest of the young explorers too! To Mike Horn, the amazing Mike Horn team, and everybody who’s involved in this project, thank you for believing in me and making this all possible for me! To those who were selected to join Mike in his upcoming expedition to Africa, congratulations once again and I wish you guys all the best!!!


The Selection camp was an awesome experience I will never forget. All the fascinating activities with the other Young explorers: Morning exercises (especially Parkour), presentations, workshops AND THE RAID! Thank you guys for making it so special! I never had so many bruises and unforgettable moments in such a short time – the best time ever!!!


The 10 best days of my life!
This is how I would describe the 12th PANGAEA Africa selection camp!
It was an amazing experience, I learned so much and got to experience so many new things! It is something I will never forget and will always be grateful for being given the opportunity to participate in it!
I cannot wait to go and start my own projects with the knowledge I have gained on the camp! thanks to everyone who made this possible and to all my fellow Young Explorers who made it an amazingly fun experience!!!


The whole Selection Camp, from our arrival at the airport until the last farewell, was a unique experience. But what excited me most was that during those 10 days I got to know the others young explorers better than a lot of my classmates in five years, because I can share my passion with them.

I think that like most of us the Raid was the more demanding but simultaneously exciting and challenging event during the Camp as I learned that I am the one that creates my own limits and I am the only one that can break them.


The best part of the 12th PANGAEA selection camp was the opportunity to get to know fascinating, accomplished, and motivated peers from all around the world. With nine countries represented, the selection camp was truly a melting pot of incredible young people with strong ties to sustainability and the environment. This network is an invaluable tool in ACTing effectively. 



Eagerly awaiting the news – would I be one of the 16 chosen to attend the 12th PANGAEA selection camp???
Preparations begin; projects, training, fundraising.
Landing in Geneva and meeting 15 other excited young explorers!
Oh dear. We’re running up what?! How early?!
Red, shivery legs as we learn to test water quality
New friends already feel like old friends

Laughter, song, hard work and memories
Eating like kings
Awestruck by the Swiss countryside
Ready…. Set….. GO!!!! The raid begins!!!
Never ending hills and challenges – we’re put to the test

And together we overcome every challenge! Raid; complete!
Cheese!!!! Oh Raclette, how we love thee!
Tears as we say goodbye; 10 memorable days with 15 fantastic people – thanks for the memories, and I can’t wait to meet again! Thank you PANGAEA!!!


Thump Thump… thump thump… Everyone’s heartbeat was audible as Martin called out the chosen 7. It was the longest 30 seconds of my life. The week had left us exhausted but now each and every one of us was filled with memories that we will now spread to the corners of the globe. I wish I could go back to the moment when we first arrived in Château D’Oex everyone hugging for the fist time but defiantly not the last, and as we said goodbye it was clear we will all be seeing each other again in the future.

  • Photos by Dmitry Sharomov, Copyright Mike Horn
  • Date: April/May 2012
  • Location: Château d’Oex, Switzerland

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