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The German Young Explorers have founded an association to keep on working on environmental and social projects more professionally.

In the past we’ve experienced that it is sometimes difficult, complicated and even impossible to work on a project or raise funds if you’re not part of a registered association. That’s why we decided to found one.

 Our association „Pangaea Deutschland. e.V.“ has now existed for about three weeks and although we’ve already learned a lot there’s still much to improve in the future.

 To take the first step five of us have taken part in a workshop for teenagers and young adults who want to engage themselves in associations.
We’ve spent a great weekend with 17 other teenagers in the middle of Germany right next to a national park.

 The program contained presentations about the forest in the national park, how to raise funds efficiently, how to work out a project concept and very important: how to found your own association.

 At this point it became clear that we already know a lot about that topic and actually Simon didn’t have any questions but answered all the questions by the others which came up during the discussions. He seemed to be the expert in this field and was almost on the same level of knowledge as the lecturer 😉

In between the learning and working sessions we had time to exchange with other engaged teenagers and to get new ideas for initiatives and projects.
Especially the evenings and the bike tour into the national park was a great opportunity to build up new friendships and get to know the other participants.

 Too fast the weekend came to an end but we all left with new ideas and motivation for our upcoming projects! It was a great weekend spent with great people!

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