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One week before the Green Wave it was YEP meeting time again – this time in Freiburg, Germany.
It was great to see that the YEP community grows bigger and bigger! We were a group of about 20 people!
First we went to a cafe where Theresa and Livio gave a presentation about the USA expedition which was only two weeks ago and Saskia and Christopher presented the North Pole expedition. After eating some cake and muffins we split into smaller groups and went to the city’s christmas market to collect money for the victims of the famine in East Africa related to the Green Wave Project “Food”.
Leo had organized official flyers from the organization “Welthungerhilfe” and so we asked people to give some money for projects in East Africa.
When the last groups came back, some already had to say goodbye as their trains were about to leave.
In the city a few of us wanted to go up the tower of the church, the others waited at a corner near the Christmas market. Suddendly, Chris took out a box of vegetables, put his thermomat on the ground and began to cut the vegetables. So we ate vegetables with dip while we were sitting on the ground in the middle of the city – it fit well to the Green Wave (healthy food) and the way the pedestrians looked at us was quite funny!
Slowly, more and more Yeps had to leave and this great meeting was drawn to a close.


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