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After preparing our work the previous night, we were really motivated to start the vegetable garden at Fontein Primary School. We met up the locals, got some plastic bags and started cleaning up the area where we plan to build the garden. Theresa got a surprise visit from a big Rain Spider! After clearing away tree trunks and branches, the guys showed their steel by digging jungle gyms out of their concrete foundations. A tractor arrived to help us level out the soil, the grass was cut and the children`s parents helped to remove poisonous plants and tree stumps.

It was wonderful to see the school children helping us, especially because it is during their school holidays. We had a good laugh with the kids – between clean ups they entertained us with acrobatics tricks, dancing and some wonderful singing! The children loved posing in front of the camera and showcasing their amazing talent. My heart went out to the children because they grow up in bad circumstances and they have so much potential to improve their lives. Let´s hope us Young Explorers can help them to realise that they can achieve their dreams if they work hard!

After saying goodbye, we picked up some donated goods from ShopRite in Greenacres Square . They were very excited to hear that the youth are involved in environmental and social projects in their community. A good ending to our successful day!

written by Lani van Niekerk and Rebecca Berker

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