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We collaborate with a number of sponsors and organizations who help us fund our projects. Most of our members have participated in Mike Horn’s Pangaea Young Explorers Program and our association is still closely bonded to Mike Horn and his team. They are a great partner who have co-funded many of the early activities carried out by the Pangaea Project.

Geberit has been supporting our projects in South Africa and Serbia. We started cooperating in 2011 when some members of the Pangaea Project took part in a social project organized by Geberit. Since then a great partnership has evolved.

Currently, we are also closely collaborating with the NGO AMAP in Brazil, where we initiated a long-term tree planting and conservation effort.

Additionally, our organization regularly initiates crowdfunding for the various projects. We wish to be transparent in our funding and work on a non-profit basis.

Many thanks to everyone who has supported our work so far!