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We have been so busy trying to get the learners/students back into academic mode. We have made daily visits to the garden, and it’s looking good!! I have attached pictures of the garden accompanied by pictures of learners doing some work to get the water to flow towards the trench nearby. We are currently working on a time-table in which we plan to make provision for the learners to spend time in the garden and also to do regular clean-ups, at least once a week. Next week we are going to start with the compost using the special containers you provided to the school.

We plan to make use of the paint for some of our classrooms and outdoor walls. The boys who assisted in the work depicted in the pictures were given either a Pangaea cap or t-shirt. Later on during the next month we having a literacy and numeracy day and we plan to use the t-shirts, armbands and caps as prizes. Whatever remains will be given to those in the community, especially those we are least fortunate.

We see this as the start of a longterm project and collaboration!

written by Taryn Bouah

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