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30 December, 2017
Partenen, Join us

Join us:

We are happy to invite you to the New Years Reunion from 30 December 2017 until 2 January 2018– in a remote mountain cabin in the beautiful “Silvretta” region of Vorarlberg, Austria. The cabin has no electricity (lights are solar powered), central heating, or phone connection, but plenty of fantastic views on glaciers and nearby peaks and a cozy wooden common room, which… makes it perfect for our annual reunion!


Where? And how can I get there?

We will occupy the cabin “Klostertaler Umwelthütte” (http://www.alpenverein.de/Huetten-Wege-Touren/Huetten/Klostertaler-Umwelthuette/) from the German Alpine Club DAV. It lies on 2360m above sea level and the roads leading up to the entry point Bielerhöhe are closed in winter. Therefore, we’ll meet in Partenen and go together by cable car and minivan to start the 1,5hour walk to the hut from Bielerhöhe. Partenen can be reached either by public transport- train to Schruns and a bus from there to Partenen – or private car.

What can I expect?

The area is perfect for some amazing and high-alpine ski touring with many different routes! Others can also do snow shoe hikes or simply breath in the panorama. And of course we will celebrate the new year together, share stories and create new ones!

How much will it cost?

10€ a night for the hut and fire wood.// About 7€ a day for food// About 30€ for transport from Partenen to Bielerhöhe (cable car and minivan)

Makes a total of about 80€ for four days of fun, friends and adventure.

Please note that the cabin has a capacity of only 20-22 persons.
More detailed infos on what gear to bring, the area, etc. will follow later.

If you have questions, write to simon@simonstraetker.com and/or ansgar.fellendorf@hotmail.com .