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We arrived at the school with kids running around the busses and shouting our names. They were really excited and I know on Friday there will be some emotional goodbyes for us and the kids that we have grown so fond of.

Work in the school is coming along very well. Early this morning Rebecca went round to the classrooms and explained to the kids the importance of keeping their school ground clean and throwing the rubbish into the dustbins.

Lani, Leni, Saskia and Robyn went to the classes and distributed toothpaste and toothbrushes to the younger kids and stationary to the older kids. Meanwhile the workers were digging holes and Ben and Stefan were mixing cement for the benches. Also the food garden is looking really good with all the rows planted and the girls even made a scarecrow today to ward off any would be pesky birds.

At noon we all climbed into the car and headed off into the neighborhood. It was eye-opening to see where the children live and how they function on a daily basis. It was quite a shock (especially for our European Young Explorers) to see the downfall in the area. Small, flimsy structures were the homes to many people, skinny dogs scampered away while dozens of kids played in the streets. Humbled by the experience, we returned to the school to continue our work. I have rarely been as grateful for what I have as I have been today.

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