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Summarizing our first week here in Uganda is difficult because it feels like we’ve spent a lot more time here with all of our days being filled to the maximum. 🙂


Our team of 8 people from three different countries spent most of our time working at St. Augustine Mixed Primary School in Kalungu, where we painted walls, evened out the floors with cement, interacted and played with the childrens and thoroughly enjoyed our time there.


Our weekend trip to Lake Nabugabo was unforgettable. We took over 80 school children and they had the biggest smile on their face that you can possibly imagine. They immediatelly jumped into the water despite wearing their school uniform and stayed there for hours.


Every day we are again surprised and amazed by the hospitality and friendliness of the people around us and their never-ending radiating happiness.

Uganda a country of stunning and beautiful nature and landscapes where Muslims and Christians peacefully live together and respect each other. Where Malaria and HIV are real challenges for the people. Where matokeposcho and kasava is what everybody eats on a daily basis. Where you can get 15 passion fruits for less than 20 cents. Where riding a bodaboda [motorbike] is the fastest way to get you somewhere.

And where we are looking forward to all the adventures that are waiting for us during our remaining month in this beautiful country.

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